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Susan Graysen PHD is very experienced in individual counseling in Beverly Hills, CA. We realize that life can be tough and even daunting at times. We can help by providing you with effective and applicable dating skills. Our psychologist, Susan Graysen PHD, can give you the tools you need to improve your quality of interaction with others. 

We also offer individual therapy to people suffering from anxiety and depression. Major depressive disorders impact millions of people each year. It is marked by irritation, loss of interest in life, and desire for isolation. Anxiety and depression tend to accompany each other, and they usually improve with medication and therapy. At our office, our trained and professional psychologist will show you how to overcome these disorders using modern techniques. 

Susan Graysen PHD can also help those suffering from trauma. Trauma is caused when an individual experiences a profoundly negative life event or change. It can cause a host of symptoms and prevent sufferers from working, engaging in relationships and family life or simply, difficulty in performing daily tasks. 

Susan Graysen PHD has extensive experience treating emotional problems. Our psychologist is a highly qualified and reliable professional and our mental health counseling services are highly effective.

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