Marital Sex Therapy

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It is not unusual for married couples to discover that they have lost their original sexual desire for each other. Common responses to sexual overtures are:

I’m tired…
I’m not in the mood….
I’m not feeling good…
I must be up early tomorrow…
I have a big workday tomorrow….

These disorders of sexual desire can create other problems in a marriage: incessant verbal arguing, adultery, flirting, isolating from each other, double lives, separate lives, neglect of children, over work, depression, anxiety, alcohol/drug abuse, divorce, etc.

Much of the above can be secondary to the primary problem: lack of sexual desire and intimacy.

As Freud said: ‘If it were not for sex, men and women would tear each other apart.’

Treatment for this problem can sometimes be resolved with Trimix, Cialis, HRT, Bremelanotide, etc. However, these treatments for Potency or Female Desire can just as well be met with:

I’m not in the mood to take the pill…
I’m not in the mood to inject myself…

However, sex therapy can, with or without these physical aids, resolve the problem. Through a systematic progression of behavioral exercises by yourself and/or with your spouse, you will find and resolve the emotional and physical blockades.

Needing human warmth and physical connection is very important in a marital relationship. Sex therapy can remove the emotional blockades to physical intimacy. Problems that are easily resolved for some:

I am turned on when I am touched like…….
I am turned off when I am touched like…….
I don’t like verbal ques to initiate sexual relations….
I enjoy being touched in certain places to signal sexual relations…
I prefer evenings to morning or mornings to evenings…..
I prefer you to initiate sometimes, rather than always me….
I would like it if you could say this to me during the week….
I would like it if you could touch me here during the week….

Therapeutic discussions help your understanding of why you have these desire problems, readily helping your treatment move in the right direction for both of you.

Sex problems have changed over the years. Initially, the emphasis was on potency solutions for men. Now sex problems focus on desire issues of both women and men.