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Anyone in need of marriage counseling in Beverly Hills, CA should consider the services of Susan Graysen PHD. Everyone knows that relationships are hard work, but our professional and understanding therapist can give you the tools you need to save or preserve yours. Attempting to discuss relationship issues with your partner in private can be difficult. We offer a comfortable, private setting in which you both can address your concerns. 

Our office offers constructive couples therapy, and we are confident that we can help you and your spouse get back on the right track. Our highly trained and qualified psychologist, Susan Graysen PHD, will provide marriage therapy that will help improve the quality of your relationship. Our immense knowledge of couples counseling can help you put your issues into perspective and explore them in a mature and rational manner. Don’t put off working on your marriage any longer. 

During our couples counseling sessions, you will learn how to communicate more effectively and calmly, thereby strengthening and deepening your relationship. Most marital issues stem from a lack of communication, either verbal and/or sexual. We can help you improve those aspects of your communication with your partner. 

Our professional psychologist is highly experienced in many dynamic approaches to your problems. At our office, you will find a reliable and knowledgeable therapist, Susan Graysen PHD, to help you improve your relationship. 

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